Sixteen Beth Moore Books Now FREE on Kindle!


When I first read this, I thought there had to be a catch. No catch! Sixteen of Beth Moore's fabulous books are now free on Kindle! If you don't have a Kindle, you can download the free Kindle app and read these wonderful books on your computer, iphone, ipad, etc. I already own several of these books in hardback and would highly recommend any Beth Moore book to any Christian woman - or any woman who is curious about God and faith. This is a limited time offer (I think it ends on January 10th), so don't delay! I just downloaded all sixteen to my Kindle. What a fantastic way to start the new year! Thank you so much, Beth Moore!

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New Year’s Eve and Broken Resolutions


Do you feel it? The promise of a New Year? What is it about turning the page on the calendar that makes so many of us downright hopeful? What is it about the dropping ball in Times Square or the simple countdown of the minutes until midnight that fills us with delightful anticipation of things to come – new starts and better beginnings?

Those of you with a practical bent realize New Year’s Eve is just another day. Just like any other. You do not bother with resolutions. Resolutions seem silly – just another promise to be broken. What’s the point?

But for those of us who dream big and believe in the power of new beginnings, New Year’s Eve is magical and full of possibilities. We really do believe in the tradition of ... [Read More]

Hawaii Dreaming on Such a Winter Day

Waikiki Sunset

I ran away to Hawaii this spring. It was a much needed escape. My husband joined me. We walked on sugar white beaches, witnessed glorious sunsets, and fell in love. Not with each other; we did that a long time ago. But with Hawaii. I suppose many people do, but for me, it was unexpected. I have always been more of a mountain girl. Although I live in Indiana, I am at home in the majestic Colorado Rockies. I love visiting Colorado and have spent many visits backpacking its mountains. I have never been particularly fond of beaches. Its not that I dislike beaches, but one can only snooze on a towel for so long. But that was B.H. - Before Hawaii. Sigh...

It was an impromptu trip. I woke one morning, rolled over in bed, and said to my husband, ... [Read More]

Christmas Tree Sap

charlie brown picture

     There we are, my parents and me, looking for a Christmas tree. I am ten, a skinny girl with waist-length hair (rarely brushed), and all legs and arms. I’m wearing last year’s coat and the sleeves are too short. There is snow on the ground. My feet are cold because I’ve forgotten to wear my boots. We crunch through the gas station parking lot, circling the various spruce and pine trees that they have trucked in to sell. It is Saturday morning and everyone in Northern Indiana seems to be intent on buying a tree on that particular day. My Dad is a long-distance truck driver. If we don’t buy a tree today, I know we won’t shop again until next weekend because he has a load ready to take to Shreveport. I am optimistic. We will find a tree ... [Read More]

Top Ten Christmas Movie Quotes


As Christmas approaches our television sets are filled with Christmas movies. For better or worse, these movies have become a part of our culture, and I would bet, a part of your own family’s Christmas tradition. For years, every Christmas Eve, I insisted on gathering my family together to watch It’s a Wonderful Life. Eventually, the kids revolted and A Christmas Story slid into that spot. Personally, I enjoy A Christmas Story, but I don’t see how anyone can prefer a kid getting his tongue stuck on a pole to Zuzu’s flower petals in Jimmy Stewart’s pocket. But, maybe that’s just me.

So, as we step into December and thoughts turn to Christmas, I invite you walk down memory lane and spend a few moments remembering some wonderful ... [Read More]