Cheryl Shireman Baby

Cheryl 1 Yr

Cheryl ShiremanCheryl Shireman lives on a lake in the Midwest with her husband. She is the mother of three adult children and the grandmother of the two “most adorable granddaughters in the world.” She “loves mountains, flowers (particularly daylilies), sun glistening on  the lake, snow when it looks like diamonds, the smell of fall, the promise of spring, beautifully written words, watching t.v. and eating pizza at home, fireplaces, soft blankets, great hiking boots, writing, reading, long hot baths, time with family, rocking grandbabies, and coming home.”

Her novels are sensitive portrayals of multi-faceted characters. Often humorous, and always thought-provoking, whether focusing on love, finding purpose in life, or a little mystery, Shireman’s novels depict realistic characters facing realistic dilemmas. One reader writes, “Cheryl has a wonderful talent for describing people. Interesting, flawed, multidimensional people. I can picture them so clearly in my mind and some I can almost smell. I love the way her characters are as messed up as real people all are. I can’t wait for more.”

Cheryl is currently working the third book in the Cooper Moon series.