Character Profile for Fiction Writing


At the heart of every novel is a captivating and unforgettable character. Such a character is rich in detail and jumps from the pages of the novel and right into the reader's heart. Create your own memorable characters by using this workbook.

The Character Profile for Fiction Writing is a workbook full of questions about your fictional character. It allows the writer to "step into" the role of the character and answer questions such as:

If your house caught on fire and you could carry out one item, what would it be?
As a child, what games did you like to play?
What is your favorite way to spend Sunday morning?
If you could live your life over, what event would you erase?

As the writer answers these questions, the character ... [Read More]


Heart Breathings


Use this writing workbook to:

Combat writing block
Improve your writing skills
As a warm up for daily writing
Learn basic skills used by every writer
Expand your arsenal of words and thought
Gather ideas for new stories

One of the toughest things about writing is getting those first words on paper. Whether you are looking for new ideas for a short story or novel, or at work on a long term project, facing those blank pages can be intimidating.

This feeling is not unique to the novice writer, but also plagues some of the most creative minds to ever place pen to paper. Facing the writing of a new novel, John Steinbeck ... [Read More]


You Don’t Need A Prince


Timeless advice on love for women of all ages!

As women, so many of us buy into the myth that we need a prince to live happily ever after - or at least our verson of a prince. In reality, like the Good Witch tells Dorothy, YOU always had the power. You don't need a prince to be happy. The power to be happy lies within.

Now, instead of a fairytale, let a true story inspire you (or your daughter or a friend).

This book began as an email from a mother to a daughter in college at Indiana University. The daughter was going through a tough time in her relationship. She had mixed emotions about ending her current relationship because she simply did not want to hurt him. To make matters worse, she had just met another man. A man she was ... [Read More]


What’s Your Story?


You do not know a person until you know their story. We each have a story and it is filled with both factual details and personal details. I believe the amount we are willing to reveal to another is in direct proportion to the amount they are able to love us. You cannot love what you do not know.

When a group of people get together, one of the quickest and easiest ways to get to know one another is through the use of questions that prompt us to tell our story. That is the purpose of this book. The material is divided into three sections. New small groups might want to start near the front of the book with questions that are easier to answer.

Getting to Know You is a series of factual questions that will allow you to know ... [Read More]