You Don’t Need A Prince

Timeless advice on love for women of all ages!

As women, so many of us buy into the myth that we need a prince to live happily ever after – or at least our verson of a prince. In reality, like the Good Witch tells Dorothy, YOU always had the power. You don’t need a prince to be happy. The power to be happy lies within.

Now, instead of a fairytale, let a true story inspire you (or your daughter or a friend).

This book began as an email from a mother to a daughter in college at Indiana University. The daughter was going through a tough time in her relationship. She had mixed emotions about ending her current relationship because she simply did not want to hurt him. To make matters worse, she had just met another man. A man she was head over heels in love with. Amid this turmoil, her mother sent her an email with words of advice about love and relationships. About the myth that every girl needs a Prince.

The daughter loved the email so much that she began forwarding it to her friends. And so the chain began, women reaching out to women.

And now that email has been turned into a book for you to share with the women in your life.

ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL AND MOVING BOOKS I’VE EVER READ. This is for anybody who has, or will have, a daughter. If Caroline Ingalls had ever had a computer, she would have written emails like this to Carrie, Mary and Laura. It’s a book that will remain forever on my Kindle, and when my daughter is old enough to understand it then it will be compulsory reading for her.
But even if you’ve not got a daughter, this book is a must-read. It’s about relationships. It applies to everybody. It is short and powerful. Download it today and you’ll have read it all in thirty minutes. But the sentiments will stay with you forever.

Mark Williams, co-author (under Saffina Desforges) of the best-selling UK crime thriller Sugar and Spice and the Rose Red series.

If you are a woman, You Don’t Need a Prince: A Letter to My Daughter is a perfect gift:

To give yourself
To give to a friend
To give to your daughter
To give your granddaughter

Because, no matter what our age…

We are all little girls.
We all want to live happily ever after.
And we all have a little princess in us.

Note – this is a short book with 2500 words and 40 FULL COLOR PHOTOS !

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